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 I love her THIS much. she makes me laugh.

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PostSubject: I love her THIS much. she makes me laugh.   Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:14 pm

Jelly [9:05 P.M.]: The sun'll come out tomorrow, Ani

Ryan [9:05 P.M.]: Murderer of the Star Wars legacy, is he

Jelly [9:06 P.M.]: Mass murderer, serial killer.. so why is he still a hero at the end?
Ryan [9:06 P.M.]: probably because they made the end first

Jelly [9:07 P.M.]: doh! Yeah, that's true. I mean, save the world at the end is great, but when you're the one that f'd it up in the first place.. no honor for you!

Ryan [9:07 P.M.]: just sorta lukewarm redemption

Jelly [9:08 P.M.]: see, I think they should've had the ghost of him smiling in a fatherly way... and then being mobbed by all the other dead Jedi
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I love her THIS much. she makes me laugh.
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