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 New Applicant! [knockonwood]

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PostSubject: New Applicant! [knockonwood]   Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:58 am

I got to talk for a bit with him, he seems really cool. Doesn't like the drama and just likes to hang out and help people see new content. Here's his app below, so far we are leaning towards inviting him. I'd like Brandy and Rob to speak with him and get a feel for him as well but I'll be tossing him some instance/in game invites to him and see if he and our members work well together =)

Toon Name: Knockonwood

What is your level, class, spec? 70/Druid, Resto

What are your goals in WoW? How are you going about accomplishing them? play the game for what it is already essiently beat the game for say but wanted to see what it is like to heal so here i am doing it

What are your professions?
herbalism, enchanting

Are you willing to donate to other guildies and help out when needed, with the understanding you will be helped in return?

What are you keyed for? Heroics, Attunements, etc: all heroes and Kara

What is more important to you.. (answer all that apply, if other, please explain) spending time with guildies

What is your favorite thing to do in WoW and why? just sit back and talk to people also see guildies get to content and down bosses they have never seen

Do you have any raiding/grouping experience?
Naxx for preBC BT for BC on a Prot Warrior

How long have you played this character? 2 months

Are argyle socks cool or a fashion faux pas?
dunno what those are been in germany for last 4 years since of fashion has escaped me
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New Applicant! [knockonwood]
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