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 preist and rogy rogy dotn need to come

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PostSubject: preist and rogy rogy dotn need to come   Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:37 pm

a little abotu meself 70 holy preist with decent gear basically all kara heroic working on badge loot and trying to get into bigger raids for bettter gear i have 1900+ to healing unbuffed and have healbot and omen as mods dont have much more i think ive done very good with healing and nottoo many peeps like it but i do i have been in 2 guilds on elune night runners was the first was officer and helped organize and run a few kara runs was there for about a little more than a year took my healer out so i cn clear kara with the guild gloriae romae befoe i deployed to iraq another officer(the gms co worker in rl) got mad cuse thetime i exited guild a few more peeps left and he booted all the ex guildies alts that is the reason i am with gloriae romae i did a kara run with a few guys and gals from sov and did a few runs with some others from sov ran a bot with dullaron the other ngiht i am deployed which makes it hard to raid right now but gr is just not doing much of raiding and i would like to join a guild that is on the up and coming and likes to have fun its just nottoo fun there i had a good time in kara when i ran with sovereign and liked what i heard my normal days off are fridays( or thursday nights thourgh friday afternoon stateside) my return date is feb 09 and we will be having alot of off time like 30-60 stragiht days off and that alot of wow time Smile but jsut want to bepart of a guildthat wants to advance if it goes casual or is im not worried but when no raiding at all goes on its just boring no fun anymore well thx for taking the time t read my app its not that written well at all and im sry for that im not good at it the char names are kutshealer-sckutnink was goingto post the armory links buti cant get armory to pop up hopefully see ya guys later

thanks andy
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PostSubject: Re: preist and rogy rogy dotn need to come   Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:12 pm

get with me in game
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preist and rogy rogy dotn need to come
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