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 Holy Paladin App

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PostSubject: Holy Paladin App   Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:53 pm

Toon Name: Holrinor
What is your level, class, spec? 70, paladin, holy (this toon is my alt, my main is a rogue but I am willing to change my main to paladin)
What are your goals in WoW? How are you going about accomplishing them? my goal is to partake in a raid that values progression but maintains a fun and friendly atmosphere. I will try my hardest to maintain attendance to raids and research optimal strategies to encounters.
What are your professions? as of now i will take any profession the guild needs.
Are you willing to donate to other guildies and help out when needed, with the understanding you will be helped in return? yes, that is what guilds are all about! Very Happy
What are you keyed for? Heroics, Attunements, etc: Heroics: all but Lower City and sha'tar... not many attunements left to have though
What is more important to you.. (answer all that apply, if other, please explain) seeing new content and spending time with guildies
What is your favorite thing to do in WoW and why? raid, the cooperation of 25 people in one endeavor makes me feel accomplishment without even considering the loot
Do you have any raiding/grouping experience? on my rogue, SSC: Lurker and TK: Void Reaver, Solarion, Al'ar. Kara: cleared ZA: first few bosses
How long have you played this character? 12 days (remember he is an alt)
Email Address: azurefist@gmail.com
Are argyle socks cool or a fashion faux pas? definitely cool
A note on attendance: rarely an irl commitment may restrain me from attending a raid, but friday and saturday nights are the optimal times for me to raid in my busy schedule
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Holy Paladin App
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