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 Narisys Guild recruit

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PostSubject: Narisys Guild recruit   Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:28 pm

Toon Name:

What is your level, class, spec?
70 druid feral o resto

What are your goals in WoW?
To bring the best of my ability to the guild and learn different strats

How are you going about accomplishing them?

What are your professions?

Are you willing to donate to other guildies and help out when needed, with the understanding you will be helped in return? In exile i helped with farming mats for some enchants i was in skittis with guildies farming primal lifes
What are you keyed for? Heroics, Attunements, etc:
im attuned for all heroics

What is more important to you.. (answer all that apply, if other, please explain)
Having fun.
Making friends.
Killing stuff.

Pretty well in that order

What is your favorite thing to do in WoW and why?
Progressing throu instances and pvping with friends because it gives me a rush when i play

Do you have any raiding/grouping experience?
ZA kara TK and grulls nothing ahead of that

How long have you played this character?
Ive had this character for 3 years just didnt leavel him

Email Address: advent02@Hotmail.com

Are argyle socks cool or a fashion faux pas?
No they make my feet stink
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Narisys Guild recruit
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