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 Hello from Myfaxilas and Clioratha!

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PostSubject: Hello from Myfaxilas and Clioratha!   Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:10 am

Hi, there all! We're two more things the Kawoosh dragged in...we really appreciate the open welcome and hope we'll be able to fit in and contribute.

Both of us have only been playing since April 2008, so we're still new as players in general. As of this post, only Fax has done any battlegrounds or raiding, with only a couple trips to AV, and one short trip each to Kara and ZA.

Myfaxilas is a feral druid. Gear is so-so for now, and more oriented toward DPS. Working on putting together a tanking set. He's a 375/375 herbalist/alchemist, but still working on collecting higher-level recipes.

Clioratha is beast mastery (for the moment) hunter. Main two pets are cat and wolf, so no real tanky pet. She's a miner/goblin engineer so come to her to all your jumper cable needs.

We both have some much-lower-level alts over in Bene Factum guild and a young daughter who plays over there as well, so those of you who hang out on shared chat channels may see us there as well.
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Hello from Myfaxilas and Clioratha!
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