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 Scheduled Guild Meeting: AUG 5th (Tues) @ 9:30 Sever Time

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PostSubject: Scheduled Guild Meeting: AUG 5th (Tues) @ 9:30 Sever Time   Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:47 am

With the closing of summer upon us and many people coming back from the land of endless BBQ's, Family Get-togethers, Graduations, Graduation Parties, Zoo Trips, Vacations, etc...and with the addition of so many new people while we (your GM/Co-GM) were on hiatus, I thought it a very good idea to get a Guild Meeting scheduled.

There are a few reasons for this and I'm going to post a "general" outline of what the meeting will include and may be changed at my leisure cuz I'm just that fucking cool. Normally, I allow the other officers to have some say in the guild meeting. IF time allows, this will happen because they are important to the function of this guild and I respect their ideas, words, and commitment very much. If we run out of time, yes, another meeting will be scheduled. GET USED TO MEETINGS. Once a week will be a very short meeting scheduled because I'm tired of issues building up and no one saying shit. If this continues, you'll find our guild diminishing in it's numbers. I don't play around. We're all adults here (or at least of age to be mature) and if you can't act like you belong here, you won't be here. I hope that's clear enough.

I. Welcome to the New Members, Introduction of Raid Structure (this will be very brief) However I do want to go over some things for OLD AND NEW members alike.

a. I want the new people to know who your officers are and what we expect from them.
b. Go over guild rules and boundaries.
c. Go over "zero tolerance" rules.

II. Raiding Schedule

a. With some of us going back to school, a new Raid Schedule will be implemented.
b. Go over Raid Rules, Expectations, Suspensions, Etc.
c. Poll on evenings that people prefer.

III. Guild Issues to be addressed:

a. Final word on guildie respect.
b. Drill in the "zero tolerance" rules.
c. Introduction to Unholier: The Bitch That Runs Shit 101.
d. Intruduction to Benefactus: The Upholder of the Gavel of Justice 101.
c. Introduction to "The Door" and "My Foot in Your Ass".
d. All the fun stuff coming up. We actually DO have fun ..even with rules in place.

IV. Member Issues

a. This is where you, the members, get to address issues that you have.
b. Hopefully a resolution will be found.

V. Conclusion

I would like this to be ended within an hour!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEASE email me or send me a tell in game letting me know if there's ANYthing else you need or would like to see addressed and I will my best (that isn't a definite answer FYI) to include it.

There is no "Right" or "Wrong"..only consequences.

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Scheduled Guild Meeting: AUG 5th (Tues) @ 9:30 Sever Time
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