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 2.13.08 -- Officer Notes

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PostSubject: 2.13.08 -- Officer Notes   Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:33 pm

I had some issues with WoW and Vent lagging me so horribly that I kept getting booted. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon before I go and burn small animals in a heinous Blair Witch fashion. >.<

-------- Upcoming projects I am working on: --------

1. Officer's Meeting: I'd like the officers to get with me to see if we can delegate some duties. I also want each person that has an officer position to be strong in Sovereign knowledge so that we don't feel inadequate when people from the outside come and ask us questions. This goes hand in hand with #2.

2. Recruiting: Recruiting is currently closed unless you're a Hunter or Mage (fire spec preferrably). We have one more member that may join because we okay'd it before closing. Eric asked for a friend of his and I'll be extending an offer to them before closing recruiting once more. There are several reasons for the closure and I'll touch on them briefly.

a. We like the controlled insanity factor. We're nuts around here. That's okay but it's under wraps. No one gets out of hand, there's less drama, there's less likelihood of shit starting that can't be hashed out.

b. We never intended for this guild to get too big. It's more of a family atmosphere and we'd like to keep it that way.

c. The less people there are, the easier it is to give attention to those of us in the guild that need it. The more we can give to one another, the more loyal we are to one another. This breaks down, not to greed, but keeps this guild more like a home rather than a "frat house".

3. Raids: I'd like to recap and apologize for raids not being on a more permanent/static schedule. Gravereign is currently our only raid leader (and our Main Raid Leader) so he pulls raids off when his work schedule allows it, which at the moment has been friggin insane. If anyone would like to step up and organize one, regularly, please get with him. He'll run it by Sodza (Brandy) and myself (Lisa).

4. Farming Parties!: This is something I'm working on very hard. No one likes to farm but I want to make it something we all look forward to weekly. It not only benefits us as a guild but as a united alliance/raid group. I'll be putting together scavenger hunts and prizes for people that show up. Imagine the look on the Chinese Farmers' faces when an ENTIRE guild shows up to farm their spot. Twisted Evil mwhaahahah. I'll keep you posted!
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2.13.08 -- Officer Notes
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