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 Proposed Alliances

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PostSubject: Proposed Alliances   Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:53 am

We have alliances proposed to us by:

EXILE: Kaliclaw + Madwolfe
Brethren of Swift Steel: Yoshiko
Entil Zha Veni: Lorienn

Personally I don't have any problems with alliances, but I want more activity and a harder approach from these people. I don't like half assed attempts at getting something going and the majority of the work and attendance is on our end. We're not here to gear up alts and find all the classes we need just because someone else wants an easy instance/raid put together for them.

So far I haven't had a problem with anyone from EXILE, didn't expect to. Kali and Mad's run a fairly tight ship and their folks seem pretty hell bent on getting the same thing accomplished that we are and they are pretty active in the TSS channel and in our raids. Attendance hasn't been a problem there.

Still need to hear something on Yoshiko's end about BoSS. Have no clue about their intentions or what they want out of this whole proposed alliance.

Also need more activity from EzV, Lor's a great guy, he's got some good folks involved and they all understand about the IRL issues the same as us. Take Lor for example..he's got alot on his plate IRL so can't attend all the time but makes it known he intends on being there as much as possible. Would like to see the same from the rest of his guild.

As far as certain people, I will not raid with some folks because of either poor performance or poor attitudes. No names will be posted here but I will be more than happy to discuss them in private.
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Proposed Alliances
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