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 Humorous Anecdotes

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PostSubject: Humorous Anecdotes   Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:00 am

So I'm doing my dailies in Skettis today...

It's strangly humorous and satisfactory getting completion on the Skettis Escort and instead of watching the Guard despawn he runs off and attacks another mob and you don't have to save his dumb ass.

Getting knocked off your flying mount by a Monstrous Kahliri and taking 75% fall damage: 1g repair
Getting attacked by yet another Monstrous Kahliri as you're falling to the ground: Another 1g repair
Dying after you've killed both of those sons of bitches due to a bleed effect ticking for only 120dmg: Priceless..well..not really...you just racked up a 7g epic repair bill.
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Humorous Anecdotes
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